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I write lesbian romance, science fiction, and paranormal adventure. I am a lesbian in an interracial same-sex marriage living in the Midwest. I hope you enjoy my stories. I certainly love writing them.
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The Soul of WBVR now available!

The Soul of WBVR


The Soul of WBVR, the third in my Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles series, is now available.

A voice from the past. A deejay at the pinnacle of her career.

Call-in radio shows are fun until a ghost calls. Popular soul music deejay Joyce Barkley thinks someone is pulling a prank when the voice of her dead girlfriend comes through clear as day during a call-in segment on her Saturday afternoon show. But it is no prank. The woman, who has been dead since a tragic accident in the mid-1960s, is back. Her voice is forcing Joyce to confront her decision to hide her true self and the truth of what really happened on that dark night.

With help from Maya and Julie, lead investigators with the Paranormal Grievance Committee, Joyce has to figure out how to soothe Natasha’s restless spirit.

If she doesn’t, her career will be over, and her heart will stay closed to love that could be hers.

The Soul of WBVR is the third novel in the Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles series, but each book can stand alone.

Muses now available!

Muses, Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles, Book2
Muses, Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles, Book2

Muses, the 2nd in my Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles series, is now available.

A lesbian ghost with a broken heart. Sisters who never want her reunited with her lost love. A binding spell that must be broken.

After a Halloween party ends with an untimely death, paranormal investigators Maya and Julie are called in to check out ghostly happenings at a house built by a patent medicine magnate at the turn of the 20th century. The magnate’s daughters lived in the house their whole lives and never left, even after death. Now, they’re angry and taking it out on anyone who enters the house.

Maya and Julie have to figure out why and reignite a love that was always meant to be.

Or the sisters’ torment will never end.

Muses is the second novel in the Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles series, but each book can stand alone.

The Curse of the Old Woods now available!

Elizabeth-Andre-TCOTOW-Kindle-MinimizedThe Curse of the Old Woods, the first in the Paranormal Grievance Committee Chronicles series is now available for pre-order.

Two rival lesbian paranormal investigators. A dangerous cursed entity. Long dark nights in the old woods.
Maya Nicholas doesn’t need any help finding ghosts. They find her and talk to her all the time.
Julie Sussman doesn’t need any help either. She solves plenty of cases, both normal and paranormal, without any special abilities.
When they learn that both of them have been hired to find a teenager, lost decades ago in the haunted Promontory Woods, they are not happy. But when they find the teenager’s ghost and discover that she, along with many other spirits, are being held captive by an evil entity, they have to work together.
Or they, along with many others, will never leave the woods again.

Available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, and Smashwords.

Writing My First Novel (or how I rediscovered my first love)


You never forget your first.

The year was 1993. I had just graduated from college, and I was determined to be a hot, young literary sensation. I spent every evening writing my opus, a 65,000 word masterpiece about friendship and living in the AIDS crisis. When I finished it, I spent my evenings submitting it to every English-language publisher in the world. They all rejected it. I traveled the world. I lost that manuscript and wrote others. I became a bestselling author of lesbian fiction. I thought I had moved on.

Then I reconnected with an old friend. He said he had my manuscript, a photocopy that he’d kept shrink wrapped all these years. The manuscript that I’d thought was lost to time, that I thought meant nothing, was so important to this person because he had a several paragraph cameo.

He gave me back my first love.

I rewrote it with the gift of hindsight. I was a good writer then. I’m better now. I strengthened the plot and removed irrelevant, and occasionally offensive, details. The AIDS crisis, filled with death and few options, had morphed into an ongoing epidemic with expensive treatment and prevention available to those who could afford it. I told the same story with different eyes. In 1993, I wrote about my present. Now, I wrote about my past. Life must be lived forward but can only be understood backwards.

Publishing Tested: Sex, love, and friendship in the shadow of HIV in 2016 was the best thing to ever happen to my 23-year-old self. Every time I sell a copy, every time someone tells me how much the book means to them, my 23-year-old self heals a deep wound I didn’t know was there. This book tells a story that I needed to tell.

So that’s the story of my first novel. It wasn’t the first I published, but it was the first I wrote. It was the first love that wouldn’t stay lost. I thought I had moved on, but no one ever truly moves on from their first love.

Elizabeth Andre is the bestselling, award-winning author of the Lesbian Light Reads series. Sign up for her email newsletter and get a free copy of Love’s Perfect Vintage, Lesbian Light Reads 1.

Love Most Likely available for pre-order!

Love Most Likely book coverLove Most Likely, Lesbian Light Reads 13, is available for pre-order from Amazon.

This is probably my funniest book yet.

Is it too much to ask for life to be more like a romance novel?

When Melissa attends her ten-year high school reunion, all she wants is to tell her longtime crush how much she’s always loved her. They will then ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Alas, the woman has a wife. She has a child, and she isn’t interested.

In walks T.J., a beautiful woman with long braids and a lovely smile. They barely knew each other in high school, but it may be time for them to get to know each other better. And then there’s Hayley, another old high school friend. She seems to have her sights on Melissa, too.

Melissa may not get the woman she thought she wanted, but, if she can put aside the story she’s already written for herself, she may just get the love she’s always deserved.

Love Most Likely is the thirteenth book in the Lesbian Light Reads series, but each book stands alone. This lesbian contemporary love story includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only.

Roll With Me, Lesbian Light Reads 10

Roll With Me, Lesbian Light Reads 10, can be ordered now from Amazon. It’s possibly the best story I’ve ever written. I hope you agree.

Can they stop running long enough to let love catch up with them?

Chloe is a former runner turned wheelchair racer with MS who doesn’t want sympathy or to be saved. She just wants to fall in love. When she meets Rachel, a fellow runner with long hair and beautiful legs, they initially fall for each other, but Chloe is not a regular wheelchair user, and is able to keep her disability a secret.

Rachel senses that Chloe is holding something back, and this secret tears their relationship apart. For them to be together, Chloe has to let Rachel run past her denial and roll even closer to her heart.

Roll With Me is the tenth book in the Lesbian Light Reads series, but each book stands alone. This lesbian contemporary love story includes graphic sex and is intended for adults only.

Roll With Me copy 3

Two months after the break up, I was ready for something more than hanging out with Joss and watching her pick up some girl almost wherever we went out. It wasn’t like she ever abandoned me. Some men followed the bros before hos philosophy, and Joss followed something similar, although we could never figure out a way to lesbianize that saying or make it less sexist. I was just starting to feel ready for my own girl. My memories of ponytail girl were fading, and the lakefront trail had not provided any recent late-night fantasy fodder. I’d been out a couple of times with Arturo pushing along the lakefront trail since that one Saturday, but I hadn’t seen that beautiful woman with the ponytail and the dimple again.
I never had done a one-night stand unless I expected it to be more than that, and I didn’t see that changing, even though I was horny as hell. I had already moved through and past the no-one-will-ever-love-me-again phase. I was starting to feel lovable again. It was time for me to look for my next serious relationship.
Joss and I agreed that something more serious was far more likely at a lesbian dining out social than a loud bar. She was willing to give up the Ace of Clubs event at Queen for one night to be my wingwoman for this weekend’s outing (a lesbian singles night) at a local Thai sushi restaurant. It wouldn’t have surprised me, though, if she hooked up there. She was that smooth.
Over spicy tuna rolls and crab Rangoon, Joss chatted with a real estate agent who seemed more interested in selling her a condo than in going home with her and a woman who expressed harsh judgment on lesbians who hung out at bars and clubs and slept around.
Joss smirked and blew her a kiss. “Don’t worry. You’re not my type anyway.” Then she turned to me and said loud enough for the woman to hear, “You don’t have to do what I do, but slut shaming is just plain wrong.”
I liked Joss. She had a good point that I’d heard her make several times before. The judgmental woman disappeared into another conversation. Then I saw her. Her dark brown curls were no longer in a ponytail and hung down past her shoulders. She was wearing a pale pink sleeveless cotton dress with four buttons that ran down from the neckline. The first two buttons were undone, showing off the beginning of her cleavage. She smiled, and the dimple I wanted to lose myself in got a little bigger.
“Well, look who just got hungry,” Joss said.