Ghostbusters rocks!

I took a break from writing last night to see Ghostbusters. Wow. It was great. Possibly the most feminist film Hollywood has produced since Thelma and Louise. But here’s what makes it even better: The main characters not only kick ass and write their own story, they get to live for, hopefully, a sequel.

On the surface, this story is about four women using science to hunt and fight ghosts in order to save New York City. Not too far below the surface, it’s about women being friends with each other and having each other’s backs.

I know there has been some criticism because the character played by Leslie Jones is a subway worker and not a scientist like the white female main characters. That’s understandable criticism and something I hope the filmmakers take into account when making a sequel (please!). But it’s important to note that although the Leslie Jones character does start out as a subway worker, she quickly becomes a full member of the team. She’s smart, and the other characters know and respect that. Her ideas are always listened to. A good thing too because it’s her idea that saves the world.

I did find it slightly scarier than the original Ghostbusters. The cameos from the original cast were well placed, but, if you didn’t see the original, that shouldn’t detract from your enjoyment.

Who are you going to call? I’m with her.

*Links to Amazon include my affiliate code. That’s good because it means you’re supporting the ongoing creation of lesbian fiction.*



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